November 2015

A journey to discover Petra’s melody - 29 November 2015

The cultural activity “A journey to discover Petra’s melody” is a joint initiative organized by UNESCO Amman Office, Talal Abu-Gazaleh Organization and the Petra Archaeological Park.

Its main aim is to promote Petra as part of music live performances and as a symbol of intercultural cooperation in the framework of the UNESCO powered campaign #Unite4Heritage.

The idea originates from the experience and creativity of the Italian trumpeter and composer Luca Aquino who will record his new album together with the Jordanian National Orchestra in the historical site of Little Petra. The concept behind this collaboration is the use of the archaeology of the site as a resonance chamber to overcome symbolically and physically the barriers between the different genres, spaces and people.

The initiative will encourage the music practice and appreciation across different cultures while underlining the importance of the artistic and historical heritage as common good in the framework of the global campaign #Unite4Heritage.

The event will include an audiovisual presentation of the initiative and a short performance.

Cultural Visit to the Baptism Site in the framework of the #Unite4Heritage initiative - 21 November 2015

The UNESCO Amman Office organized a one-day tour to the Baptism Site in Jordan on Saturday with the aim of exposing both locals and the Kingdom’s visitors to its main attractions and further promote its heritage.

The cultural visit, held in collaboration with the Baptism Site Commission and under the Patronage of H.E Mr. Nayef Hmeidi Al-Fayez, is part of UNESCO’s #Unite4Heritage initiative.

The visit included a guided tour attended by diplomats, professional and amateur photographers and members of the local media.

Participants were invited to participate in an online photo contest by posting photos taken during their visit on social media. Post had to include the use of the campaign’s hashtag #Unite4Heritage.

The second phase of the #Unite4Heritage campaign in Jordan, powered by UNESCO, kicks off with a public Cultural Visit to the Old City of As-Salt - 14 November 2015

Known as Jordan’s forgotten urban jewel, the Old City of As-Salt is considered a very successful example of social, religious, and architectural harmony and mutual understanding in Jordan. Once the capital of the Emirate of Transjordan, the city owes a unique and special character due to its specific urban fabric and architectural style stemming from the attractive honey-coloured local stone.

Within the framework of the global campaign #Unite4Heritage, UNESCO Amman Office and As-Salt Development Corporation joined forces to offer the press and the general public the opportunity to learn and value more the history and rich culture of As-Salt and its inhabitants. 


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