17.05.2012 - UNESCO Office in Apia

Catalogue of Rivers for Pacific Islands Released

First ever Catalogue of Rivers for Pacific Islands

For the first time a selection of river characteristics from across the Pacific can be found in one book: the Catalogue of Rivers for Pacific Islands. The book documents the main features and characteristics of the main rivers in eight Pacific Island Countries.

Rivers in the Pacific Islands are generally very dynamic. The distances from their sources to the ocean are often short. The waters rise and fall quickly in response to rainfall. This was seen with devastating effect during the recent flooding in Nadi, Fiji in late March

Rivers are not found in all countries in the Pacific and are generally confined to those islands which are larger and more elevated. Those Islands that are fortunate to have permanent rivers rely on them greatly for water supplies, agriculture and fishing, transportation and power generation as well as recreation. They are an integral part of the environment and are valued by all.

The Catalogue of Rivers for Pacific Islands provides an important hydrological foundation by reviewing the available data sets and compiling them into a consistent style and format. Current data sets are often patchy, highlighting the difficulties that countries face in maintaining consistent and long term data sets, and the need for improved and consistent hydrological data capture and management.

The Catalogue of Rivers for Pacific Islands was made possible through the support of UNESCO
International Hydrology Program, European Union and SPC.

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