13.07.2013 - UNESCO Office in Apia

Chengdu Workshop on ICH and Community Resilience

CRIHAP Capacity Building Workshop on ICH Inventorying and Community Resilience took place in Chengdu from 17 – 23 June 2013. Eight participants from Pacific states parties attended this Workshop together with experts from Macau and Hong Kong. This Workshop had a thematic focus on the role of ICH to strengthening community resilience to natural disasters. The Workshop provided an opportunity for Pacific and Chinese experts to exchange views on the topic.

Thanks to the arrangements by the Sichuan authorities and the Sichuan University, the participants had a chance to visit the Dongmen Village that sustained damages during 2008 Sichuan earthquake.  The Village was later restored by making maximum use of the remained foundations and materials to serve as a cultural centre. And “The Qiang New Year Festival, ICH of Qiang People” received an international recognition by being inscribed on the ICH Urgent Safeguarding List.  The live performance at the restored village was a testimony to the revitalization of Qiang People’s traditions and their spirit.

The participants had also a chance to visit the Craft Centre in Chengdu City.  The objective of this Centre is to safeguard and promote the embroidery of the Qiang and Tibetan peoples.  The Centre played an important role in revitalizing traditional handicrafts and generating employments in recovery phase.  Dr. Simet, Director of the PNG National Cultural Commission said at de-briefing session, “I was impressed by the openness of the Centre’s approach.  While the traditional knowledge and skills, and their transmission process were severely weakened, the Centre accepted students from a wider range of the society.  This has allowed the time-honored traditions to perpetuate and continue. Sharing ICH has brought much greater benefits for communities.”

This was the 2nd time that CRIHAP organised capacity building activities for the Pacific region.

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