29.05.2011 - UNESCO Office in Apia

ICH Safeguarding Workshop in Nauru


Small Country with Unique Culture

A Workshop on the ICH Safeguarding in Nauru was held in Yeren from 18 to 20 May 2011.  It was organised by the Nauruan National Commission for UNESCO and the Culture Department of the Ministry of Home Affairs.  The Workshop was opened by Hon President Marcus Stephen.  The Workshop brought together government officers, local experts and representative of communities.  Local experts made presentations on different ICH in Nauru such as oral traditions and chanting in Nauruan language, performing arts, crafts, string figuers, traditional sports, frigate birds catching, traditional medecine, etc.  Through small group exercise on a national strategy and action plan, the participants identified priority actions for the ICH safeguarding, which included, among others, preparation of a national policy and framework legislation, setting up of an advisory committee, strengthening of human and financial resources for culture, and earlier ratification by Nauru of the ICH Convention of UNESCO.

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