31.01.2017 - UNESCO Office in Apia

Knowledge management to strengthen staff capacity and programme delivery

UNESCO Office for the Pacific States organized an internal training covering UNESCO’s Connect U tool for knowledge sharing and collaboration, and International Cooperation and the Visibility of Official Development Assistance on January 31st, 2017 in Apia, Samoa. This training is one in the series of such events where the Office is using internal resources and expertise to meet staff development needs.

The training concerning the UNESCO’s Connect U tool was conducted by the staff trained by the UNESCO Knowledge Management Team based in Paris, France. This training created the opportunity to discuss knowledge management, the barriers and needs of knowledge sharing encountered by the Office and to explore the Connect U tools and the possibilities the tools offer to address these challenges.

The Office is planning to use the Connect U to create its Intranet and a workspace for staff to share documents and media products, maintain a shared calendar and to openly discuss topics of interest pertaining to UNESCO’s priority domains.

Another session was conducted on International Cooperation and the Visibility of Official Development Assistance. This session focused on use of media and communication guidelines for use in collaborative work with development partners and other UN agencies, processes, policies, materials, and other support tools required to promote results and partnerships. Staff learned about the importance of visibility and how the issues are linked to the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness.

The Office is now planning a training on Records Management with the assistance of the Connect U team in the headquarters

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