18.08.2013 - UNESCO Office in Apia

Networking through Pacific Heritage Hub

Pacific Heritage Hub (PHH) was established at the University of the South pacific (USP) in 2013 as a regional facility for knowledge management, capacity building and partnership. PHH’s vision is that our Pacific islands’ cultural and natural heritage is restored, enriched, cherished and protected for present and future generations.

Since its establishment, PHH has been actively engaged in activities in its mandate.  PHH organised several seminars and workshops on diverse topics on the Pacific heritage by using USP’s facilities and ICT Centre.  Several experts and dignitaries both within and outside the region made a visit to PHH to exchange views on the heritage preservation.

PHH’s communication tools, in particular, its Facebook page has been a great success.  The recent report of PHH’s Facebook states as follows;

We are proud to present our first performance report from a 5-month period (March - July 2013) which registered a total of 88,930 visits to our page. Over 5 months, we posted a total of 154 posts; of these 96 were news and information updates and the balance comprised funding opportunities, fellowships and conferences, workshops, trainings and international contests challenging Pacific islanders, The top 20 countries visiting us are: Fiji, Australia, USA, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, New Zealand, Vanuatu, France, Italy, Korea, Samoa, French Polynesia, Canada, Germany, Japan, Sweden, New Caledonia, Tonga, India and Cyprus. Given these figures and trends, we expect a strong online engagement after our website launch planned for September 2013 with our current visitors and their networks.”


PHH has also been developing an under-graduate course on heritage management at USP in cooperation with USP’s faculties and universities in Australia under the MoU with Australian Government. Once established, this course will be a core of its capacity building activities.


PHH will be a partner for the forthcoming Pacific World Heritage Workshop (Suva, Fiji, 27 – 30 November 2013). PHH’s Steering Committee will meet before the Pacific World Heritage Workshop in order to discuss PHH’s strategic plan and review progress in its activities.


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