26.05.2015 - UNESCO Office in Apia

Documentation of Stone Money Banks in Yap

Documentation of Yapese Stone Money © Pacifika Renaissance/Takuya Nagaoka

Archaeological Survey and Inventory Training took place in Yap, FSM, from 29 April to 23 May 2015. The Training was organized by Pacifika Renaissance.

This Training was led by Dr Takuya Nagaoka at Pasifika Renaissance and provided Yap Historic Preservation Office (HPO) staff with hands on experience in documenting and inventorying stone money banks and dancing grounds. They are important cultural space in Yap that are endowed with tangible and intangible cultural heritage.

The Yap HPO has been working hand in hand with the Palau HPO on developing a trans-boundary nomination for World Heritage listing.  This nomination consists of selected stone quarry sites in Palau and Mangyol Stone Money Bank, the most significant stone money bank in Yap. 

The Training has made an important contribution to building management capacity and system in Yap as a follow up of the recommendations made by the World Heritage Committee in 2012. 

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