Education for Sustainable Development

Field trip as part of ESD activity in Palau © Palau Ministry of Education

UNESCO’s focus for Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in the Pacific is to develop partnerships and synergies with education stakeholders through all forms of learning to make informed decisions for our future and to provide support to countries to develop national approaches to ESD.

Understanding educational policies and existing initiatives in each country are therefore central to determining where UNESCO’s support can best be utilised.

UNESCO bases and focuses its work on (i) understanding the current national education system, education philosophy and current ESD activities in formal, non-formal and informal education (ESD mapping), (ii) identifying opportunities to introduce materials that support the ESD approach into the current national school curricula (curriculum analysis), (iii) developing flexible learning materials with local content that exemplify the ESD approach to learning, and building the capacity of national curriculum development units to expand on the resources available (Our Pacific Heritage Kit), and (iv) monitoring and evaluation of ESD’s impact on the quality of learning in the Pacific.

Parenting Education in Samoa

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