Policy, Planning and Monitoring

Workshop in Kiribati (c) UNESCO Apia

Sustainable capacity development for education policy, planning and monitoring 

The lack of sustainable capacity on education policy, planning and monitoring has long been a concern among the Pacific Island countries. In addition, many countries lack valid and reliable data which forms the basis for solid educational decision making.

To address these challenges, UNESCO has been providing technical assistance for PICs to enhance the technical capacities of senior officials of the education ministries on (i) how to use relevant data to monitor and report on the progress of education sector in relation to national goals and/or EFA goals, and (ii) how to carry out proper policy formulation and revision as well as planning for education based on relevant data and information.

Under this programme, UNESCO also assists in organizing high-level meetings in the Pacific region in collaboration with other development partners, such as consultation meetings of the Pacific Heads of Education Systems (PHES) and Forum Education Ministers’ Meetings (FEdMM).


High-level meetings in the education sector in the Pacific region

17th consultation meeting (17-18 May 2010,Nadi,Fiji) Outcome document

18th consultationmeeting(23-25 August 2011,Koror,Palau) Outcome document

19th consultation meeting (16 March 2012,Nadi,Fiji) Outcome document

20th consultation meeting (23-24 October 2013,Nuku’alofa,Tonga) Outcome document


Support to policy and plan formulation

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