Climate Change & Climate Change Adaptation

Teacher focus group survey on climate change perceptions in Samoa (SPARCK project) © UNESCO/Denis Chang Seng

Climate change is indeed one of the most pressing issues in the Pacific region. The Apia Office is working in an integrated fashion looking at both Climate Change Adaption and Mitigation from educational, social, scientific and cultural perspectives. Adaptation initiatives focus on integrating climate content and adaptation skills in school curriculum, community awareness and sharing of information through the media to build adaptive capacity in Pacific countries. Mitigation initiatives consider sustainable ways of developing alternative energy supplies. In line with the outcome from Rio+20, UNESCO will focus on supporting green growth and climate smart development in the Pacific.

For more information on UNESCO-wide action on climate change, please visit the Climate Change Platform.

Projects and activities:

The Science sector provided input for the 2013 Culture publication Traditional Knowledge for Adapting to Climate Change, underlining the importance of intersectoral cooperation within UNESCO


Sandwatch projects are carried out in various Pacific islands


UNESCO is promoting Climate Frontlines, a global forum for indigenous peoples, small islands and vulnerable communities

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