Youth Empowerment

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Youth-centred development in the Pacific

With half of the population under the age of 25, Pacific youth presents a wealth of innovations, richness and possibilities to contribute to the achievement of a region of peace, harmony, security, social inclusion, and prosperity (Pacific Framework for Regionalism). As the youth segment of the population is growing, addressing the significant issues faced by Pacific youth such as unemployment and marginalization from mainstream development efforts is of imperative importance.

The Pacific Youth Development Framework 2014-23 has demonstrated a more coordinated and strategic approach which recognizes the importance of engaging young men and women in the achievement of economic, social and environmental outcomes of the Pacific region. Adopting an inclusive rights-based, targeted and evidence-based approach to youth development, the Framework outlines four priority outcome areas through consultation with youth including (i) decent employment (ii) improved health status (iii) increased influence of youth on decision making processes and (iv) increased participation of youth in environmental action.

Actions to accelerate the youth development agenda

Informed by the Pacific Youth Development Framework 2014-2023, the SHS programme gears toward working with partners across the region to sustain an enabling environment for youth to fulfill their rights and responsibilities and empower youth to take actions. The main approaches of the youth development programe are based on the UNESCO’s Operational Strategy on Youth 2014-21 including (i) capacity building for youth networks and organisations to mobilise youth in responding to development challenges and (ii) creating civic spaces for civic engagement, democratic participation and social innovation.

Interventions on youth under the SHS Programme have targeted a diversity of themes and issues ranging from education to culture and humanities. Areas for intra and intersectoral work across other UNESCO’s areas of expertise including education, natural sciences, communication and information and culture are sought to ensure a concerted approach towards youth development.

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