“Teaching Respect for All” – the UNESCO-USA-Brazil joint initiative

Launched on 18 January 2012, the UNESCO-USA-Brazil project Teaching Respect for All aims to design a curricular framework to fight racism and promote tolerance, which countries can adapt to their respective contexts and needs. The project will also elaborate educational materials for addressing racism and tolerance in education. These tools will build on lessons learned and current good practices in the field. The materials will be disseminated worldwide by UNESCO through education ministries as well as the Organization’s extensive networks, including the UNESCO Associated Schools.

UNESCO is concerned by the rise of racism, xenophobia and intolerance, and considers that education is essential to strengthening the foundations of tolerance, reducing discrimination and violence, and learning to live together. Education is vital to achieve these aims and cultivate respect for all people regardless of colour, gender, or national, ethnic or religious identity. It is especially important to reach out to children and young people during their formative years, notably through educational materials and curricula.



  • 21.04.15

    Teaching Respect for All tool used to break down biases and promote dialogue between Palestinians and Israelis

  • 17.07.14

    “Teaching Respect for All”– A new Implementation Guide to stop discrimination in and through education is now available

  • 03.06.14

    UNESCO Cup: scoring a goal against discrimination

  • 19.09.13

    Launching of the U.S. Coalition of Cities against Racism and Discrimination





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