Beirut Regional Bureau for Education in the Arab States

© UNESCO/Therese Cregan
Education is the best investment

The mission of UNESCO Beirut in the region is to support Member States in strengthening their education and learning systems in pursuit of SDG4 to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. To do so, the Beirut Office intervenes at all Education sector levels and learning pathways, from early childhood to higher education including youth and adult literacy, and through formal, non-formal and informal education and learning. 

Furthermore, given the crisis-affected situation of the Arab Region, UNESCO Beirut has prepared and implemented a regional response to address education in emergencies and has gained considerable experience in addressing nationally-responsive education programmes to help build resilience, while ensuring that learners are able to exercise their fundamental right to quality and equitable education, both in emergency and post-conflict settings.

The work of the Beirut Office is articulated around four main pillars:

  1. Coordinating and monitoring SDG 4- Education 2030 Agenda
  2. Enhancing education systems to promote quality and inclusive lifelong learning for all
  3. Empowering learners to be competent, creative and responsible global citizens
  4. Building resilience among learners and communities through education to prevent and mitigate the impact of crises
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