Educational Policy, Planning and Management (EPM)

The Regional Bureau for Education in the Arab States has developed a regional programme for educational policy, planning and management which focuses on supporting Member States in developing and implementing sector-wide national education plans that are well integrated into broader national development policies and frameworks.

The Capacity Development Programme for the Arab States region covers the following components:

  1.  Knowledge management & research
  2.  Technical support
  3.  Policy dialogue
  4.  Training

Knowledge Management and Research: Establishment of a Regional Network of Training Centres based on mapping of universities and institutions within the region and assessment of their capacity to provide training in educational policy research, and planning and management.

Technical support: provided by Regional Bureau to cluster and  country  offices in the form of technical advice and mobilization of expertise from across UNESCO units and institutes as well as the regional networks to be established for in-country missions.

Policy dialogue: High-level consultative seminars for Arab EFA working group as well as Arab EFA Ministerial policy platform.

Training workshops: for higher and mid-level MOE planning, management and evaluation personnel at the central echelon and personnel of decentralized MOE units.  

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