UNESCO expands access to Secondary Education in Lebanon

Within the framework of UNESCO’s support to the existing efforts of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MEHE) in dealing with the effects of the Syria crisis on the Lebanese education system, UNESCO is renewing its commitment to supporting the Ministry in ensuring access to quality secondary education for all youth in Lebanon, including both Lebanese and non-Lebanese.

In preparation for the 2016-2017 school year, and under the slogan (“Ana Hader”/ “I am Ready”), MEHE and partner UN agencies, donors and civil society are working together to provide the financial, technical, operational and logistical support to expand last year’s success and ensure children and youth from ages 3-18 are provided with free access to education opportunities, including Early Childhood Education, Basic Education, Secondary Education and Vocational Education/Training.

Capitalizing on gains made during the last school year, and with the increased attention given to secondary education by MEHE and partners, UNESCO, with the generous support from the governments of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, is leading efforts to ensure education access to youth in all public secondary schools across Lebanon.

Enrolment in public secondary schools opened on September 14th, while the first day of class will be on September 26th.

To register in a public secondary school, Lebanese or non-Lebanese youth are requested to bring all the following documents:

    1. ID*
    2. Vaccination card and medical certificate not older than one month
    3. Certified school attestation showing the final grade of the student in the previous grade, or certified equivalency statement issued by the MEHE Equivalence Committee
    4. Brevet certificate issued by the Directorate of Examination or its equivalent issued by MEHE Equivalence Committee

    *If students don’t have a valid ID they can go to their local Mokhtar.

    For more information and further instructions, please CLICK HERE.

    If students do not have all these documents, they can still enrol. Ask the school administration for advice or alternate documentation options as per MEHE’s instructions.

    For the full list of all public Secondary schools across Lebanon, please CLICK HERE.

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