Secondary, Vocational & Technical Education

The main objective of UNESCO activities in the field of General Secondary Education (GSE) is to enhance regional and national capacities for the renewal, diversification and expansion of education systems with emphasis on meeting the diverse needs of growing number of students and learners reaching this level of education (after completing basic education).

UNESCO Regional Office-Beirut will seek to facilitate regional and national policy dialogue on General Secondary Education reform. Particular emphasis will be placed on selective issues related to development of systems and programmes, such as renewal of content, new teaching - learning methods, and the application of information and communication technologies in schools.

Technical and Vocational Education and Training will be part of the joint effort in having the programmes and specializations more responsive to the learner’s life and world of work. Linkages with business and industry will be enhanced and promoted as mechanisms for cooperation in progamme development.

In Science and Technology Education, the focus will be on the development of innovative teaching and learning materials to match learners’ expectations and promote analytical thinking and creativity in the school and social context.

Enhancing the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the education and learning settings, will be a major part of joint effort with selective institutions and experts on sharing of best practices and dissemination of information on common issues for ICTs applications in the education systems of Arab States region.

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