Natural Sciences

Golden Leaf on a Tree Branch

©UNESCO/Firas Al-Khateeb
Al-Shouf Cedar Natural Reserve (UNESCO Biosphere reserve)

Within the framework of UNESCO’s Major Programme on Natural Sciences, UNESCO Beirut is working on promoting science for the benefit of society in the Arab region.

In doing so, it focuses on three main points:

  • Promoting principles and ethical norms to guide scientific and technological development, and social transformation
  • Improving human security through a better management of the environment - capacity-building by enhancing human and institutional capacities in science and technology to allow wider participation in the emerging knowledge societies
  • Adapting science policy to societal needs


Some of the strategies undertaken by UNESCO to achieve this mission are:

  • Advancement, transfer, and sharing of scientific knowledge through teaching, research, and cooperation
  • Application of scientific knowledge to sustainable development and technology
  • Promotion of equity of access to science and technology knowledge and benefits - enhancement of productive linkages between scientists and decision-makers.
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