Social & Human Sciences

UNESCO Beirut Office mission in Social and Human Sciences lies in the UNESCO intergovernmental program, Management of Social Transformation (MOST) ; UNESCO-Beirut promotes the development and use of social science knowledge that contributes to better understanding and management of social transformations.

It focuses on improving the linkage between research and policy-making, including the formulation, monitoring and evaluation of development actions and processes, the dissemination of research results, best practices and capacity building.

UNESCO Beirut Office also provides support for activities in the region implemented by UNESCO Headquarters in the field of Ethics, by UNESCO Rabat concerning Human Rights and by the International Center for Human Sciences in Byblos-Lebanon (link when site is finalized) concerning Social Sciences, democracy and culture.


Exchanges of knowledge on major contemporary social transformations, via regional research networks, expert groups, meetings, conferences, workshops, publications, discussion forums.

Measures the impact of research on policy, conducts policy-relevant case studies, provides expertise in development initiatives, and shares information on how to design research-anchored policy.

Provides training material; holds training workshops and summer schools in partnership with national institutions and other United Nations agencies; strengthens the institutional and scientific capacity in developing countries.

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