NET-MED Project



NET-MED Youth (Networks of Mediterranean Youth) is a three-year project implemented by UNESCO and funded by the EU. It aims to:

- Build the capacities of youth organizations

- Enhance networking among youth organizations

- Increase youth’s contribution to the development and revision of public policies on youth

- Foster youth’s effective interaction with the media and their use of ICT-enabled platforms

- Strengthen youth organizations’ capacities through their active participation in dialogue with national stakeholders around employment and skills development policies

- Support national stakeholders in developing new tools for evidence-based prospective policy planning


- Youth organizations from 10 countries along the eastern and western basins of the Mediterranean Sea

- Youth, skills development and employment stakeholders (ministries, public institutions, social partners, and others)

- Media professionals, citizen journalists and bloggers


NET-MED Youth project is a UNESCO-EU joint response to support youth in Southern Mediterranean countries in overcoming shared common challenges related to social inclusion. These challenges include, among others, disinterest in civic engagement; insufficient representation in public and political spheres, as well as in mainstream media; high unemployment and a particularly weak participation of women in the labour market. Through this pioneering programme, UNESCO aims to improve the access and effective participation of youth in developing and implementing national strategies and policies affecting young women and men.


2014-2017 and beyond

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