13.11.2008 -

Arab Regional Conference on Higher Education (ARCHE + 10)

Higher Education in the Arab Region has witnessed significant developments during the last decade since the holding of both the Arab Regional Conference on Higher Education (ARCHE) in Beirut (1998) and the World Conference on Higher Education (WCHE) in Paris (1998). These developments included the considerable increase in the number of students, universities and higher education institutes of all types. They also included changes in the features of higher education in terms of the status of the private sector, the specialized universities and those affiliated to foreign universities as well as in terms of the geographical distribution of higher education institutions outside capital cities. Many Arab Governments have allocated additional resources and launched development programmes to this effect. Also, new legislations and national accreditation and quality assurance bodies, have been established in many countries, etc.

The Arab Regional Conference on Higher Education aims at assessing achievements, defining challenges and studying future prospects, namely the means of cooperation among Arab States in the field of higher education. It also seeks to review the previous issues in light of the changes that have taken place during the last few years at both the international and regional levels and to address the new issues raised by these changes.

It is hoped that the Conference would establish a new agenda for higher education to be adopted by Arab States in the years to come and would submit this agenda to the World Conference on Higher Education (WCHE + 10) which will be held in Paris on 6-8  July 2009, in order to enhance international cooperation for higher education development under the sponsorship of UNESCO, concerned international stakeholders and all other partners.

The Arab Regional Conference on Higher Education (ARCHE +10) will be attended by officials and representatives of ministries of higher education and scientific research, universities,  governmental Arab organizations, professional organizations, international organizations as well as experts, academics and journalists.

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