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Cairo declaration on Higher Education urges Arab States to seek quality education and innovation

From Left: Shawki, Osman, Hilal and Abdalla

From left Shawki, Osman, Hilal and Abdalla

The Arab Regional Conference on Higher Education (ARCHE10) was concluded in Cairo on 2 June 2009 amid calls for quality education, innovation, and development. The Cairo declaration urged Arab States to strive for quality education and innovation.

The declaration included 9 recommendations that all the 17 countries agreed upon; access to higher education, equal opportunities, quality education, partnership and external competency, social responsibility, management and governance, financing, external and Arab cooperation and innovation. The declaration also called for adopting an Arab year for science, technology, and inventions, each year celebrated in a different Arab Nation.

The three-day conference, which was under the patronage of the Egyptian Minister of Higher Education Mr. Hani Hillal. The event was organized by UNESCO Regional office for Education in the Arab States and supported by UNESCO Cairo Office.

The Arab Regional Conference on Higher Education aims to assess achievements, define challenges, and explore future prospects, especially the ways for cooperation among Arab states in the field of higher education. It also seeks to review the previous issues in light of the changes that have taken place during the last few years at both an international and regional level, and to address the issues resulting from these changes.

The Conference established a new agenda for higher education to be used by Arab states in the years to come and this will be submitted to the World Conference on Higher Education (WCHE +10), which will be held in Paris on 5-8 July 2009. It is anticipated that these efforts will, hopefully, enhance international cooperation for higher education development under the sponsorship of UNESCO, concerned international stakeholders and all other partners.

Forty-five (45) research papers and 17 national reports were submitted to the Arab Regional Conference on Higher Education ijn addition to the input from UNESCO HQ, Higher Education Division and that of the Arab and Regional organizations. The conference was attended by over 170 participants, mainly; officials and representatives of ministries of higher education and scientific research, universities, Arab governmental organizations, professional organizations, international organizations as well as experts, academics and journalists.

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