11.05.2010 -

"Creating tools for inclusive education" a UNESCO Beirut expert meeting

UNESCO Regional Bureau for Education in the Arab States – Beirut is organizing an experts’ meeting entitled: “Creating Tools for Inclusive Education in the Arab States” in collaboration with the International Bureau for Education (UNESCO-IBE). This meeting is expected to establish a manual for inclusive education to serve the Arab States.

This specialized meeting will be attended by regional and international inclusive education experts from UNESCO, UNESCO-IBE, academic institutions and various UNESCO field offices in Moscow, Jakarta, Santiago and Bangkok. These experts will share their sundry experiences pertaining to design, organization and miscellaneous inclusive education tools and curricula. Ultimately, they are expected to reach a unanimous agreement on a mutual inclusive education conceptual framework for tools and curricula that can be collectively utilized in the Arab Region and in various UNESCO Regional Offices. Besides, this meeting will serve as a starting point for developing and validating precise inclusive education tools that can guarantee inclusive policies and curricula across the Arab Region.

The core objective of this meeting is to ameliorate the quality of inclusive education in the Arab Region and on a global level as well while establishing stipulated translucent tools that can serve as a unanimous syllabus for inclusive education.  Another objective is to conduct a fastidious scrutiny of the prevalent priorities, challenges and practises in the Arab Region so that the established tools can respond to them accordingly.

This upcoming meeting will serve as a capacity-building activity for regional education experts who will benefit from the opportunity of exchanging experiences with international specialists. It will also support international and inter-regional linkages between experts and practitioners, which are, in turn, expected to yield better outcomes. The most significant expected outcome of this meeting is finalizing a clear-cut work-plan with a precise timeline for establishing an inclusive education manual in the Arab States, hoping to engender imperative impacts in the Arab educational systems.

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