17.12.2013 - UNESCO Office in Beirut

Enhancing teacher policy and practice in the Arab States

Regional Workshop (follow up) in Doha, 28-29 October 2013.

Teachers are at the core of the efforts to improve education quality for all in the Arab Region. In 2012, UNESCO Office in Beirut, in collaboration with UNESCO Doha and UNESCO Amman, launched a new Teacher initiative aiming to collaboratively developing a Teacher Policy Framework and Resource Pack relevant for the Arab Region.

The document spells out the important contribution of teachers in delivering quality education while pointing also to different prerequisites for teachers’ success, such as support systems for effective professional development.

Following a first workshop in Amman (9-11 December 2012), a draft document was developed around six pillars:

1. Quality of Teaching and Learning;

2. Attracting best teachers

3. Teacher Professional Development

4. Teachers and Curriculum

5. Leadership

6. Teachers and Community.

Participants in the latest workshop in Doha have provided comments and suggestions for enriching and fine tuning the Teacher Policy Framework and Resource Pack in line with Regional and national priorities. Among other, chapters on Education in Emergency, as well as on Assessment were added. The Teacher Policy Framework and Resource pack will be finalized in 2014, which will be followed by dissemination and implementation activities at country and sub-Regional levels.


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