17.12.2013 - UNESCO Office in Beirut

Fostering a culture of quality assurance in the Arab States

Regional Higher Education (HED) workshop (follow up) in Khartoum, 26-28 November 2013. Higher Education is a key lever in achieving sustainable development in the Arab States through developing competencies for the twenty-first Century from a life-long learning perspective and by taking into account the challenges and opportunities of the knowledge society. In 2012, UNESCO BEI, in collaboration with UNESCO Doha, launched a new Regional initiative to foster a Culture of Quality and Quality Assurance in the Arab States.

Following a first workshop in Beirut (May 2013), participants (Arab country representatives and HED specialists) have decided to collaboratively develop a HED Regional Framework and Resource Pack along several major axes, such as:


  • 1.       Learning
  • 2.       HED Quality
  • 3.       Governance
  • 4.       Quality Assurance
  • 5.       Knowledge Management and Production
  • 6.       Capacity development
  • 7.       Resources.


The latest workshop in Khartoum (26-28 November 2013,  conducted in collaboration with UNESCO Khartoum and UNESCO Doha) constituted an opportunity for participants to comment on the draft Outline of the aforementioned  document with a view to enrich it and  better customize it for the Arab Region. The document will be finalized in 2014, which will be followed by dissemination and implementation activities at country and sub-Regional levels. While building on the diversity of HED systems in the Arab Region, the HED Policy Framework and Resource Pack will make explicit some important common issues, principles and policy levers for enhancing HED quality and Quality Assurance of Arab States through sharing effective practices and learning from one another.



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