21.12.2009 -

Introducing media literacy to UNESCO Associated Schools in Syria


UNESCO Beirut organized a two day training for teachers and trainers of UNESCO Associated Schools in Syria on Media Literacy.

The training was held in cooperation with the Syrian National Commission for UNESCO on 24 and 25 November 2009. The media training was in  the context of expanding media worldwide, and the recent outcome of the World Summit on Information Society, that stressed the importance of education, media and e-learning, the objectives of UNESCO are to develop an awareness of, and a debate about, the role of media in society, not only for communication but also for information and transmission of knowledge. This is a newly published collection of documents for Media Education. A Kit for Teachers, Students, Parents and Professionals, includes five manuals and provides a broad set of guidelines and insights on how to introduce media education as a subject and topic of the curriculum at the school level. The kit has been developed to cater to a wide variety of people involved in media education, both directly and indirectly. Composed of nine sections, with a variety of entries and learning styles, it will be useful not only to teachers but also to students, parents and professionals alike.

The training kit provides a complex and comprehensive view of media education, encompassing all media, old and new. It seeks new ways in which people can enhance their participation in the political and cultural life of the general community through the media. In particular, it promotes young people’s access to the media, while also increasing their critical appreciation of its activities.

Taken as a whole, the kit offers to each actor the possibility of getting acquainted with the culture of the others, the media culture, the family culture, the school culture – in a spirit of dialogue.


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