16.01.2014 - UNESCO Office in Beirut

Introducing the Hague Convention for the protection of cultural property in the event of armed conflict to children

Cultural heritage is often the victim of armed conflicts and children are unaware of the need to protect it and the international convention that regulate this protection. Recently Lebanese and Syrian students were introduced and trained to understand the Hague Convention for the protection of cultural property.

The UNESCO office in Beirut in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Culture-Directorate General of Antiquities and the N.G.O Biladi, organized on 15 January 2014  the  students'  day "Safeguarding Heritage ;Introducing the Hague Convention" at the National Museum for 1000 students (Lebanese and Syrian ) from public and private schools all over the country. This activity started since November 2013 until January 2014.

The trip to the National Museum was both educational and entertaining using methods of international standards. The tour urged  the students to discover the museum’s objects, learn their history and value through interactive educational methods, multimedia and educational games to help them memorize the information.

The first goal of the tour was to discover the history of Lebanon through the displayed objects, and develop a sense of ownership of these objects and to raise awareness on how armed conflict endangers cultural heritage.

The students were introduced to the risks through a workshop based on theater and were also introduced to the importance of The Hague Convention for the protection of cultural property in the event of Armed Conflict. It is worth mentioning that Lebanon has witnessed  several armed conflicts over the last few decades where the Hague Convention helped in protecting Lebanon's cultural heritage.  

Link : Heritage at Risk 

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