24.08.2016 - UNESCO Office in Beirut

Lebanese and Syrian youth trained on developing Mobile applications in Balamand University – North Lebanon

In light of its commitment to youth growth and development, UNESCO Regional Office in Beirut in collaboration with the University of Balamand organized a workshop for Lebanese and Syrian youth interested in learning new technological skills related to mobile applications development.

On 22 August, around 20 Lebanese and Syrian young women and men attended at the Balamand University – Koura campus the ‘Youth Mobile Training’ workshop, during which they learned how to create and manage mobile applications. The training exposed the participants to the basic requirements for creating mobile applications as well as to new technical skills that could help young entrepreneurs in their possible future initiatives.

Trainers used the operating system Android when giving the material as it is one of most widely used software in Lebanon for mobile programming.

The training session was launched with a brief introduction on how to build an application and the necessary tools for a successful launching of an application, followed by an explanation about mobile feeds on the second day as well as about lists and adapters which are essential components to be considered when creating a phone application. On the third and final day, navigation, multi-screen applications and data storage were presented before handing certificate of participation to the trainees at the end of the closing session. Each of the three days ended with a lab session that allowed the trainees to apply the theories and notions learned through hands-on activities and exercises.

This activity comes as part of the Communication and Information Sector (CI) mandate to promote the right to freedom of expression among youth through the appropriate and constructive use of modern media tools and methods, which could urge ambitious young women and men to take initiatives and contribute to the growth of their community as well as their country.

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