26.06.2007 -

Media awareness on HIV/AIDS

UNESCO Beirut Office organized with the Yemeni National Commission for UNESCO and the Yemeni Ministry of Health, a three day workshop for journalists on "Preparing and Devoloping Media Material for Health Awareness and Fighing Against HIV/AIDS". The workshop took place in Sanaa on 28-30 May 2007. Over 45 journalists and educators participated from the Arab Region and staff members from the Yemeni Minsitries of Health and Education as well.

This <a href="http://www.srch-results.com/lm/dir_rxt.asp?k=event" onmouseout="window.status='Search for: event'; " onclick="window.status='Searching for: event...'; return true; " onmouseover="window.status='Search for: event'; return true;">event</a> comes as a joint cooperation between the Education and the Communication Information Sectors at UNESCO Beirut, under the framework of Health Awareness campaigns and Access to Information for all.

The workshop aimed at the following :

 -Equipping participants with techniques on developing material for newspapers, radio and TV on health awareness.
 -Locating the proper information sources for the preparation of material on HIV/AIDS awareness.
 -Raising the skill levels of participants in preparing and developing good media material for this subject matter.
 -Networking among participants and specialists to cooperate in making available correct and accurate information sources for effective health awareness. 

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