19.10.2009 -

Media for sustainable development a workshop at UNESCO Beirut

UNESCO Beirut and the American University of Technology organized a training workshop for journalists and media specialists under the title Role of media in Education for a sustainable development.

The workshop which lasted for three days (7-9 October 2009) brought together 15 journalists, representing a variety of media vehicles. The workshop presented the trainees with a training kit with an aim to emphasis the importance of the following environmental topics:  a) Climate Change, b) Biodiversity, c) Pollution, d) Fresh water and e) Forest and Fishery. The training kit, produced by UNESCO, was translated into Arabic and was customized for the Lebanese environment scene by Media and Environment experts.

The aim of this training workshop was to introduce the five concepts to journalists and assist them on how to tackle the topic in written, heard, viewed  and online media. To assist them in selling and convincing editors and editorial boards with publishing environmental stories. The training manual with many other resources was distributed to the participants. The event was animated by a media expert as well as an environmental expert.

Contact: George Awad

Link: Education for Sustainable Development


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