27.11.2012 - UNESCO Office in Beirut

National Conference on the Lebanese Youth Policy

As part of the joint United Nations project on “Youth Empowerment and Participation in Lebanon”, this conference will celebrate the official endorsement of the Lebanese Youth policy document and will also be the opportunity to announce the publication of several background studies in the presence of national multi-stakeholders and international partners.

Over the past few years, the UN agencies in Lebanon (UNESCO, UNICEF, UNDP, ILO and UNFPA) have been collaborating on researching the situation of youth in Lebanon not only to support informed decision-making and policy reforms, but also to enhance youth participation in all spheres of public life. Thus, there has been a substantial and sustained consultative efforts towards formulating a National Youth Policy, in partnership with youth NGOs and other civil society groups and the Ministry of Youth and Sports. After four year long process of a National Youth Policy formulation, this project, coordinated by UNESCO, achieved its key objectives: a) A National Youth Policy finalized and validated by youth groups throughout all regions in Lebanon, in addition to all relevant stakeholders from civil society and government line ministries;b) Qualitative and quantitative baseline studies on the current situation of youth in 5 thematic areas finalized (Demographic policy, poverty and development in rural areas, migration; Labour and economic participation; Education and Cultural life; Youth and Health; and Social integration and political participation);c) A “Roadmap” for issuing a national Youth Card is being drafted after consultations with both governmental and private sectors. Issued by the State, this card will allow young citizens to benefit from a wide range of reductions in services and goods by public and private partner institutions.With the aim to ensure national and government endorsement to the National Youth Policy, this conference will more specifically review the participatory process based on partnership between the United Nations, civil society and the State. It will also offer the opportunity to present the key policy recommendations and to propose the different steps to be followed in order to ensure the implementation of the new Youth Policy.  

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