17.09.2013 - UNESCO Office in Beirut

Social media in support of Freedom of Expression for a better society

Everyone working in the field of communication and social media realized the importance of this to say in any training they did or participated in: crawl, walk, run, and fly.

UNESCO regional office in Beirut, Social Media exchange organization (SMEX) and in collaboration with Masar Association launched its new free online training program about advocacy tools and campaign strategy. This four weeks program targets associations, civil society organizations, and movements in the Arab region with special stress on the youth related ones. The program will enhance their skills on how to take advantage of the tools available online to support their organizations’ mandate, and then how to develop the appropriate strategy for their campaigns. The training is divided into 4 different weeks, and can be summarized with:

  • Facebook account, Google search, tag, and some tips, tricks and basic digital security (9-15 September)
  • The basics of working in groups, and Facebook pages (16 - 22 September)
  • The basics of working with Twitter and YouTube (23 - 29 September)
  • The basics of blogging (30 September – 6 October)

In addition, this training is being implemented through a mentoring and participatory approach. That is, participants have their material to prepare in parallel to live chats with their mentors for any clarifications/add-ons. At the end of each week, participants have to go through an assessment before going into the following week material.  

Following the first week, 66 participants were engaged in this process from 10 Arab countries (Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Morocco, Tunisia, Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon). There was excellent initial feedback from participants who were excited about a) learning new things that they thought they know and b) the fact that this learning process is taking place in a relax and enjoyable environment with live chats with other participants from around the Arab region.          

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