22.05.2009 - UNESCO Office in Beirut

Teaching cultural aspects of Christianity and Islam to teachers

World Cultural Diversity Day banner near UNESCO premises

On the occasion of World Cultural Diversity Day,on the 22nd of May 09, 45 teachers were trained at UNESCO Beirut on how to teach the UNESCO book "Cultural Aspects of the Chirsitian and Islamic Religions" to school children.

The workshop was attended by 45 teachers of the UNESCO Associated Schools network (ASPnet) representing all governorates and confessions in Lebanon. The workshop was in cooperation with the Lebanese National Commission, who has always participated and supported many of UNESCO Beirut's events. The Secretary General of the Lebanese National Commission, Ms. Salwa Baasiri Siniora spoke at the opening, and stressed the importance of the book, and wished the teachers good luck in transforming the themes and thoughts of cultural diversity to their students. Speaking at the opening also was Mr. Joseph Kreidi who expressed the importance of cultural diversity and quoted some statement form UNESCO Director General's statement on Cultural Diversity Day. He mentioned the role of teachers and how important it is for them to transform the themes of cultural diversity to students.

Two trainers specialized in cultural diversity helped the teachers understand the best techniques and methods to deliver cultural diversity to students. The book "Cultural Aspects of Christian and Islamic Religions" was produced by UNESCO Beirut's cultural programme last February, it is being taught at ASPnet schools for the very first time as part of the civil study curricula.

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