20.12.2013 - UNESCO Office in Beirut

Training for teachers in emergency education

Recently UNESCO has conducted a series of training sessions from 15 November 2013 till December 10th 2013, for school principals in Lebanon on Quality Education based on Inter agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE) the Minimum Standards, targeting some hundred (100) School principals in four affected provinces in Lebanon that has a considerable amount of Syrian refugee children at the school age.

The training focused on the right to education, understanding the basic principles of minimum required standards for quality education in emergencies, the ability and readiness for facing emergency and early recovery situations.

These training sessions come as a follow up to previous INEE ToT trainings and INEE contextualization in Lebanon. These activities aimed at supporting and reinforcing capacity of Ministry of Education and Higher Education staff in responding to the ongoing Syrian crisis affecting the refugees and the country. 

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