20.04.2016 - UNESCO Office in Beirut

UNESCO and Right To Play train Youth Community leaders

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As part of the UNESCO’s “HAWER” programme, UNESCO Office in Beirut is organizing in collaboration with Right to Play (RTP) a series of capacity development workshops targeting a group of 20 young community leaders from Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian communities in Lebanon.

The workshops aim to build the skills of those young leaders in promoting social cohesion and intercultural dialogue through sports and mobilizing youth volunteerism. Through these trainings, participants will be given the opportunity to further explore their capabilities, and gain the essential planning skills needed in order to execute their community-service initiatives.

The first workshop will start on 21 April at Chabibeh Sporting Club at Chiyah.

These trained youth community leaders will be leading, monitoring and supervising a series of recreational and social activities targeting children and youth, allowing them to interact and better know each other through sports.

These activities, revolving around using Football For Development drills, will take place between May and June 2016.

Implemented in cooperation with UNESCO Office in Beirut, the "King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz International Programme for a Culture of Peace and Dialogue", also known as the HAWER project, aims to promote peace and a culture of dialogue that respects diversity among people and nations, encouraging them to work together to find solutions through dialogue and commit to achieving world peace.

Realizing the key role of sports in promoting social cohesion, intercultural dialogue, and a culture of peace, UNESCO is partnering with RIGHT TO PLAY to train youth community leaders on “Football For Development and Community Service”.

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