13.12.2018 - UNESCO Office in Beirut

UNESCO Beirut holds a National Consultation Day on Research & Doctoral Studies in Lebanon


As the only UN agency with a mandate to support national capacity building in higher education, UNESCO has been actively engaged in promoting SDG 4 at the higher education level. UNESCO Beirut has placed special attention to supporting Arab States in their efforts to enhance higher education quality through effective mechanisms of internal and external Quality Assurance, and through capacity development activities.

In Lebanon, following a series of workshops and consultations, UNESCO Beirut has agreed with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MeHE) on the priorities of the higher education sector. The identified priorities are: the establishment of a National Qualification Framework (NQF), the design of a new HED strategy, ensuring Quality Assurance; and building a comprehensive framework for doctoral studies.

Against this backdrop, UNESCO Beirut organized on 10 December 2018 a National Consultation Day on Doctoral Studies/Schools in Lebanon. Held in partnership with MeHE, National Council for Scientific Research (CNRS-L), and the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF), this national consultation day aimed at agreeing on a set of national guidelines and the creation of a database for published PhD theses, in three languages (Arabic, English, and French).

The meeting, held in the premises of UNESCO Beirut, was attended by high-level participants, including: Mr. Ahmad Jammal, Director General of Higher Education at MeHE; Mr Hervé Sabourin, regional director of the Middle East bureau of AUF; Mr. Mouïn Hamzé, Secretary General of CNRS-L; and Mr Anasse Bouhlal, UNESCO Beirut Programme Specialist for Higher Education.

The sessions addressed a variety of topics: “Doctoral studies in the national and international context”; “Doctoral Studies: Sharing the experiences of the Lebanese universities”; “National Guidelines for Doctoral Studies in Lebanon”; “National Database on published dissertations in Lebanon”.

At the end of the meeting, the participating universities, MeHE, and CNRS-L, agreed on organizing a capacity building seminar supported by UNESCO and AUF in 2019 to continue the discussions initiated by UNESCO during this consultation day on Research and Doctoral studies in Lebanon.

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