23.10.2008 -

UNESCO Beirut launches 50 audio books for the blind

UNESCO Beirut office in collaboration with Al-Hadi Foundation is launching 50 audio CDs for the blind. The launch is on Tuesday 28th of October 2008 at UNESCO office, at 10:30AM. The event is under the patronage of the Minister of Culture Mr. Tamam Salam. One set of 50 CDs will be distributed to public libraries in Lebanon in an effort to expand their services for the blind especially, for libraries in the rural areas.

This initiative comes within the UNESCO programme, "Information for All Programme (IFAP)”, that aims at promoting universal access to information and knowledge for development. It also works on providing free information for all as well as facilitates its reach for all groups and in particularly, the disadvantaged.

In addition, both UNESCO and Al-Hadi aim to make information and knowledge available and accessible to all groups and by supporting public libraries thus enhancing what it has to offer to all groups visiting it in all areas in Lebanon.

The CDs include the audio recordings of many world literature books, classic stories, history and art.  Those topics were the result of a survey targeted the public libraries on the most frequent books used at their premises. The books are divided into three groups; children, youth and adults.

In addition, the books choose are in Arabic, moreover,  we are aiming to expand this experience to cover both French and English.

Link: Information for All Program website

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Contact: George Awad

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