21.03.2019 - UNESCO Office in Beirut

UNESCO Beirut participates in the International Conference "The Fourth Industrial Revolution and its Impact on Education"


On 21-23 January 2019, the Ministry of Education at the Sultanate of Oman organized an international conference titled "The Fourth Industrial Revolution and its Impact on Education".

Dr Anasse Bouhlal, Programme Specialist of Higher Education at UNESCO Beirut, was invited to be a keynote speaker at the conference. 

Dr Bouhlal spoke of the efforts UNESCO is undertaking in the field of education and higher education in the Arab region, and the impact that digitilization and artificial intelligence may have on the evolution of education in the region and beyond. 

500 people participated in this conference, including high-level personalities from Oman and the Arab region, educational experts, and representatives from regional and international organizations. 


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