05.03.2019 - UNESCO Office in Beirut

UNESCO Beirut trains staff from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education on Leadership, Team Building and Coaching


In November 2018, UNESCO Beirut launched a new project “Supporting Francophone teaching and learning for vulnerable Lebanese and non-Lebanese students”. Funded by the Education Cannot Wait Fund (ECW) with the support of the French Government, the project has been designed as per national priorities and is being implemented in close partnership with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MEHE) in Lebanon particularly with the Department of Pedagogical Orientation (DOP).The project aims to promote the quality and effectiveness of teaching and learning in French for vulnerable Lebanese and non-Lebanese students enrolled in public schools.

Within the framework of the project, UNESCO Beirut organized on 28 February – 2 March 2019 a retreat workshop to build the capacities of DOP staff at MEHE. Held at Ehden Country Club Hotel, the retreat targeted 40 DOP counsellors and coordinators, and aimed at building their capacities to better support teachers in public schools. Director General of MEHE Mr. Fadi Yarak and DOPs Director Ms. Hilda Khoury have also attended the event.

In his welcoming remarks, Mr. Yarak stressed on the critical efforts done in developing the capacity of schools and teachers to deliver quality education to vulnerable children, which is one of the high priorities of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Lebanon. “Access to education is not enough to ensure quality learning," said Mr. Fadi Yarak, "it is the good work of DOPs that is contributing to deliver quality education for these children to ensure that they successfully finish their school years and move on to a brighter future."

In the opening session, Ms. Maysoun Chehab, Basic Education & Intercultural Dialogue Regional Officer at UNESCO Beirut, highlighted the importance of the project that aims to strengthening education professionals’ capacity to support children to acquire functional Francophone literacy in early grades. This, in turn, will lead to stronger learning outcomes and will contribute to improvements in transition and retention rates among the most vulnerable Lebanese. She also emphasized the important role DOPs is playing in ensuring quality education in the public sector in Lebanon, which is the core of SDG #4.

Director Ms. Hilda Khoury welcomed the DOPs team and highlighted the importance of the retreat and the impressive work that is expected from DOPs to influence quality education and bring change.

The 3-day retreat workshop was facilitated by trainer Miled Hadchiti, and focused on promoting a more integrated way of working among DOP staff. The sessions covered a wide variety of topics, including: team building and communication among staff; managerial, leadership, and communication skills in consideration of different personality types; coaching and mentoring skills; staff morale, motivation and goal congruence; conflict management in the workplace, and support/trust among staff; psychosocial resilience and coping mechanisms to manage stress at the workplace. The sessions, based on an interactive approach, engaged the participants and provided them with a platform to share experiences, best practices, and success stories.

The retreat was also an opportunity to introduce DOP staff to their strategic role in implementing the “Supporting Francophone Education in Lebanon” project.

To learn more about the project, read this article.

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