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UNESCO Beirut workshop on Human Rights Education

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UNESCO Beirut office in collaboration with the Lebanese Ministry of Culture, the Lebanese National Commission for UNESCO, Amnesty International, Assabil Association and Asala Publishers, organized a one day training workshop on Human Rights Education (Bechora, 28th of July 2010).

The ceremony began with a welcome note by Ms. Lina Al Taneer, president of Assabil. She conveyed the association’s delight to host the workshop not only for the Human Rights topic itself, but also for its targeting public librarians, since Assabil, within its programs addresses public libraries and their rehabilitation.

UNESCO Communication Information Programme Officer, Mr. George Awad expressed the importance of Human Rights Education and its effectiveness as a tool for building societies. He mentioned that human Rights knowledge could be reached through promoting training workshops, researches, publications and other efficient devices, alongside UNESCO’s implementation strategy on Human Rights.

Ms. Salwa Seniora Baasiri, Secretary General of the Lebanese National Commission for UNESCO stated that this training workshop is addressed to Librarians that are in contact with children, so that they are able to have the sufficient skills for making Human Rights accessible to the children and their awareness.

Then, there was a word for Mr. Mazen Jaber, representative to Amnesty International. He declared the organizations goal that is to monitor violence and hold campaigns that educate the use of Human Rights and the fact that it is an essential tool towards change.

20 Librarians from different regions of Lebanon were present at the training that was given by Ms. Sanaa Harake, an experienced educator and a trainer. The training was based on the published book “We are all born free” which is according to Ms. Sheren Kreidieh, Director of Asala Publishing House, the best version that contains a clear approach of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

This activity comes as part of a joint project that aims at increasing the capacity and skills of public librarians in different areas and in particular, Human rights Education.


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