21.10.2008 -

UNESCO National Education Support Strategy Meeting

UNESCO Beirut is hosting the Second UNESCO National Education Support Strategy (UNESS) Regional Peer Review Meeting and First Regional Workshop on Educational Planning, Policy, Management, Monitoring and Evaluation (EPPMME) in the Arab States (Beirut, Lebanon 5-7 November 2008)

This Second UNESS Peer Review Regional Meeting, is intended: (1) to discuss and review all the UNESS reports from our region; (2) to finalize the Regional UNESS inputs for 35C/5 based on each and every country inputs; (3) to discuss and improve the draft Regional UNESS Synthesis Report; and (4) to fine-tune all modalities for UNESS follow-up activities in the region (e.g. placation, translation and dissemination of UNESS reports, UNESS capacity-building and training programmes, UNESS Research and Development activities).

First EPPMME Regional Workshop 


Within the framework of regional and cluster/national programmes for Educational Planning, Policy,  Management, Monitoring and Evaluation (EPPMME), the present workshop is intended : (1) to examine the regional and cluster/national training and research needs in educational planning; (2) to review and to finalize the EPPMME questionnaires survey; (3) to present and discuss good example of Educational Strategic Planning in the region – the case of Egypt; and (4) to discuss and fine-tune the guideline for a Regional Synthesis Report for Educational Planning  in the Arab States.


Altogether some 40 participants from 19 countries of the region (UNESCO-UNESS Focal Points, In-Country UNESS Focal Points and Educational Planners/Policy-Makers/Researchers) will participate and share their country-unique UNESS & EPPMME  experience and to use the lessons learned for the further improvement, dissemination and institutionalization of UNESS and EPPMME at national, sub-regional and regional levels. 

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Link: UNESS Guidance Note


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