06.06.2011 - UNESCO Office in Beirut

Workshop on safety and protection of media professionals

A three-day training workshop, entitled “Workshop on safety and protection of media professionals,” was organized by UNESCO as part of their Communication and Information program.

Members of the media attended a workshop in Beirut Tuesday to learn about issues of safety and the unique challenges they face working in Lebanon, as well as ways to protect themselves.

The workshop, attended by television and print journalists as well as photographers and cameramen from most of the country’s major media organizations, aims to “train journalists on how to be on the ground and protect themselves,” said George Awad, the program officer for the Communication and Information Sector at UNESCO.

The workshop will cover reporting in conflict situations and unfamiliar areas as well as mental health issues.

Media professionals will also learn about first aid and how to deal with mine fields and cluster bombs.

Asked about the particularities of working in the media in Lebanon, Awad said that most of the media is affiliated with political parties.

“There are some points in common with the whole Arab region, but Lebanon’s specificity is that there is a division not only between religious parties, but also at the [media] level.”

“This TV [station] or this newspaper belongs to this party, so they’re allowed to go to this place but not to that place,” he explained, adding that media professionals often hide their organization’s logo to access certain areas.

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