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Writing for TV and radio a UNESCO Beriut workshop in Tunisia

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UNESCO Beirut conducted a four day specialized media training workshop on writing for TV and radio in Tunisia, from 10 to 13 November 2009.

The training workshop was implemented in cooperation with the Arab Women Organization and was lead by two media experts and the UNESCO Programme Officer for Communication Information in Beirut.

Over 32 participants from 16 Arab countries benefited from this four day event with stress on writing for TV and radio, the training sessions were divided into TV and radio covering several topics such as creative thinking, elements of writing, content of radio and television programs and production of programs.

This training is under the framework of the Communication Information Programmes for capacity building and media development for media professionals. UNESCO mainly focuses on providing people with the skills and abilities for critical reception, assessment, and use of information in their professional and personal lives through information literacy programmes. UNESCO also focuses on training and lifelong learning for media and information specialists, especially in developing countries.


Contact: George Awad

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