UNESCO is launching a call for proposals for the production of a documentary film to highlight projects funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) and the Government of Finland on promoting an enabling environment for freedom of expression in the Arab Region.

This documentary film will aim at communicating to the donors, stakeholders, the media and the wider public on this specific project and will be uploaded on UNESCO Extra-budgetary website.

The film will be produced in English and Arabic, in both long and short version (9 films of 2-5 minutes each for the following countries: Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria, Jordan, Morocco, Lebanon, Yemen and South Sudan). Versions provided should be compatible with Internet and TV screening.

Through activities at the international, regional and national level, the project addresses the needs of each country depending on national priorities under the areas of media self-regulation, independence and plurality; ICT policies and universal access to the Internet; the role of women and youth in shaping viable and sustainable democracies, among other major evolving priorities. Click for details.