Overview of the UNESCO Office in Brasilia

UNESCO Brasilia Office building

UNESCO Brasilia Office is a national office in the Latin America and the Caribbean Region. Its main objective is to support the creation and implementation of public policies that are in accordance with the strategies set by UNESCO Member States.

The Office’s main actions occur through governmental projects of technical cooperation. They also occur in partnership with other sectors of civil society whenever their purposes contribute with public polices for human development.


Hallway at UNESCO Brasilia Office

The representation of UNESCO in Brazil formally initiated in 19 June 1964. It became national office within Cluster Mercosur+Chile, at a time when the Organization was taking its first steps towards decentralisation. It joined other Agencies of the United Nations System represented in Brazil as part of the technical cooperation agreement signed with the Brazilian authorities in 1964. The Office moved from Rio de Janeiro to Brasilia in 1972.

For many decades, collaboration was close and productive; however, it was only in 1992 that UNESCO signed an ample cooperation agreement with Brazil’s Ministry of Education. It was under the aegis of the World Declaration on Education for All, prepared and approved on the occasion of the World Conference on Education for All (Jomtien, Thailand, 1990).

In 1993, based on the General Agreement of 1981 (Technical Cooperation Agreement in Education, Science, and Culture between the Federal Republic of Brazil and UNESCO) UNESCO and the Ministry of Education signed the first working plan. Its purpose was to support the government’s decision in elaborating the Decennial Plan of Education for All.

From the mid-nineties on, the UNESCO Brasilia Office strengthened its action throughout the country, putting its technical competence at the service of innumerable projects and initiatives within the Organization’s five thematic areas: education, natural sciences, social science, culture, communication and information.

UNESCO Brasilia Office Directors:

1975-1977 - Alfonso de Silva (Peru)

1977-1982 - Gustavo Lopes (Colombia)

1982-1984 – No country director

1984-1986 - Carlos Carrasco Fernandez (Bolivia)

1986-1989 - Gil Fernandez (Cape Verde)

1989-1996 - Miguel Angel Enriquez Berciano (Spain)

1997-2005 - Jorge Ricardo Werthein (Argentina)

2006 - Rosamaria Durand (Canada)

2006 – 2011 - Vincent Defourny (Belgium)

2012 - Today - Lucien André Muñoz (France)

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