ABEPEC – Brazilian Association of Public, Educative, and Cultural Broadcasting Companies

ABEPEC was created in April 1998. The Association congregates broadcasting stations that generate non-commercial, educative and cultural TV programs. The network proposes to show the richness of cultural diversity and pluralism of Brazil. It promotes the preservation of cultural roots, traditions and peculiarities of inhabitants of each State where ABEPEC is present. Actually, the Public Television Network maintains in its agenda discussion programs, documentaries, journalistic programs, children shows. They are produced by Culture TV of São Paulo State, by Educative TV of Rio de Janeiro, Educative TV of Minas Gerais State, Culture TV of Pará State, Culture TV of Amazonas State, Educative TV of Rio Grande do Sul State, and University TV of Pernambuco State, among other broadcasters associated to ABEPEC. For being public, television broadcasting has as mission to educate, inform, and entertain its viewers, observing the rights of the people, mainly of the children, as well as the values of solidarity, fraternity and equality.

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