UNITWIN Network and UNESCO Chairs Programme in Brazil


Capacity building is the main objective of UNITWIN Network and UNESCO Chairs Programme through knowledge exchange and solidarity spirit established among developing countries.

The programme of UNESCO Chairs was launched in 1992 together with the UNITWIN programme (University twinning) with the aim of offering training through the exchange of knowledge and the spirit of solidarity between developing countries. More specifically the two programmes aim at strengthening higher education in developing countries and in promoting and facilitating international cooperation (north-south and south-south) in the field of higher education and in promoting training, research and other activities for the production of knowledge in consonance with the objectives and guidelines of the programmes and areas of high priority for UNESCO (Education for all, Water and Ecosystems, Science and Ethics, Cultural Diversity and Information for all).

The majority of projects is interdisciplinary and includes institutions and different sectors of UNESCO, both at headquarters in Paris and in national offices, centres and institutes. Today, the UNITWIN Network involves over 700 institutions in 128 countries.

There are 25 chairs in Brazil, distributed between the five regions of the country with less density in the north and north-eastern regions.

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