Africa Day, 25 May / Africa Week - 26-28 May

© Luiz Santos

Africa Day (25 May) or Africa Week (26 to 28 May) is an annual event organized by the African Permanent Delegations to UNESCO which aims to increase the visibility of Africa by highlighting the diversity of its cultural and artistic heritage.

In Brazil, Brazil-Africa: Crossed Histories Programme celebrates this day to promote the acknowledgement of the importance of the intersection between the African History and Culture with Brazilian History and Culture. Its objective is to positively change the relations of the various ethnic-racial groups that live in Brazil.

Africa Day/Week is an opportunity to organize cultural festivities such as art exhibitions, film screenings, food tastings and a gala evening. It is also an occasion to attend Conferences and debates on a number of critical issues for the African continent and for its influences in the Brazilian History and Culture.

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