09.10.2009 -

UNESCO’s new Policy Guidelines on Inclusion in Education


The policy guidelines are designed to reinforce the message from UN Special Rapporteur Dr Bengt Lindqvist, “all children and young people of the world, with their individual strengths and weaknesses, with their hopes and expectations, have the right to education. It is not our education systems that have a right to a certain type of child. Therefore, it is the school system of a country that must be adjusted to meet the needs of all its children”.

They act as a resource for policy makers, teachers and learners, community leaders and members of civil society to improve and develop the inclusive aspect of schools and education systems. 

The guidelines also form the basis of the project “Inclusion in Action” that will, throughout 2010, collect and disseminate good practices from all over the world in order to support efforts towards schools for all. 

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