10.09.2009 - UNESCO Office in Brasilia

A escola e a desigualdade (for sale)


The book deals with educational evaluation, but under the view of the studies on social inequality. It analyses the success as quality metaphor with a critical perspective. It brings a historical view on policies on social equality. It discusses the dilemma of searching for better quality in education as it has been approached – it is supposed that people know how to improve educational quality in a deliberate way in order to have the will to do so. The backdrop question that guides this book is: what is needed to be done to improve quality and diminish inequality in education? Answering to this question is crucial for it is not simply a matter of changing it.

Original Title: La escuela y la desigualdad

Author: Casassus, Juan. Introduction by Alain Touraine and Bernardete Gatti

Brasilia: UNESCO, Liber Livres, 2007. 201 p.

ISBN: 978-85-98843-62-9

Promotional price: R$ 15,00

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