10.09.2019 - UNESCO Office in Brasilia

A Guide for ensuring inclusion and equity in education in Portuguese


Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4 identifies inclusion and equity as key principles for education systems. Built around the idea that “every learner matters and matters equally”, this guide highlights the vital role of inclusive and equitable education in transforming education systems worldwide.The guide contextualizes and defines the concepts of inclusion and equity, and offers an assessment framework that enables country stakeholders to review and evaluate the level of equity and inclusion in existing policies, decide the actions needed to improve policies and their implementation, and monitor progress as actions are taken. The guide draws on international evidence and programme experience, and provides examples of good practice around the world of steps being taken to create inclusive and equitable education systems.

Original title: Guide for ensuring inclusion and equity in education. Published in 2017 by UNESCO.

Brasília: UNESCO, 2019. 50 p. illus.

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